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The Buzz from Two Bees - Newsletter - February 2011


February 2011

The Price of Cotton Fabric is on the Rise

When the Two Bees went to quilt market in November, all of the fabric vendors we talked with were quick to let us know that the price of cotton is going up and that we will be paying more for the fabrics this year than in previous years. 

Cotton prices have nearly doubled this past year and are at a 15-year high following a chain of events in Asian cotton producing nations which has affected the global supply.  In short:  Supply and Demand.
  • A drought in China, the world's largest cotton producer and consumer, damaged crops there and forced the nation to increase cotton imports to make up for the shortfall. China does not export cotton because the country consumes more than they produce. They are importing a lot of cotton.
  • Pakistan, another major cotton producer, was hit by devastating floods, further exacerbating the cotton shortage and boosting raw cotton prices even higher.
  • The world's second-biggest cotton producer, India, restricted its exports to protect domestic supplies and prices.
Cotton farmers here in the United States are relishing the increase in prices and are planting more cotton to cash in on the prices.  Good for our farmers, but not so good for us who make quilts.

Prices are not expected to come down anytime soon.  We at
Two Bees Fabric will do everything we can to hold down our prices.

Iphone Quilter's App
Do you have an iPhone or iPad?  If you do, you may be interested in an app that I have found really helpful.  There are several out there, but this is one that I consider to be very helpful.

It is called Quiltref and IT IS FREE!!!  I love it.  This app has a Setting Triangle feature that will compute the sizes of setting triangles. (Those are the spaces between blocks when they are set on-point in the quilt.)  The Conversion feature converts measurements in inches, yards and centimeters.  It also includes a table of common fractional yard measurements and the equivalent number of inches.


To calculate the size to cut the setting triangles, you only need to enter the size of your pieced quilt blocks.  It also gives the dimensions and cutting instructions for the corner and side triangles.   It is really a very nice app and free to boot!!


Something New has been added to the Two Bees Home Page

The icon has not changed, and the function is the same, but we have added something exciting.  You now have the opportunity to receive something free when you click the following icon and  register to receive our newsletters and special sale announcements.

Click here to register for our Newsletter and become eligible for a monthly drawing to receive a free product from Two Bees.

Given that you received this Newsletter in your email, you are already registered to receive the newsletter and your name will be included in the drawings. We will notify you via email to let you know if you won.  Stand by!!!  You just might be the lucky winner.

While you are on our site, be sure you click on the icon shown below.

Roberta has been blogging and featuring the progress of her UFO's.    Her Snowball quilt is near completion and is beautiful.  Now, she just needs to quilt it.

Two Bees Fabric is happy to introduce Moda's Minnick and Simpson's Clermont Farms Fabric

These are only a few of the fabrics that are available from this collection from Moda's Minnick and Simpson.

To purchase these beautiful fabrics, please visit our website

They are available now at $8.50 per yard.



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